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Consignment FAQ's

If you're moving, redecorating or downsizing, consignment is a great opportunity to earn a little money on your gently used pieces. Las Tias is always on the lookout for vintage and designer items that once caught your eye, and will soon catch another's. If you have items you'd like to put on consignment at Las Tias, please read the FAQ's below. If you still have questions, please contact us at

What are Las Tias' consignment terms?

  • During the first 30 days on consignment, items will be on sale for a set price with minimal negotiation.
  • At any time during the first 30 days of this agreement,  Consignee has the right to offer a 10% (TEN PERCENT) on-the-spot discount to effectuate a sale.
  • If items do not sell within the first 30 days, Consignee holds the right  to reduce the original price by a minimum of 20%, and continues to hold the right to additionally  negotiate price.
  • During these first 60 days, price of items sold will be split  60/40 between Consignee  (receiving 60%) and Consignor (receiving 40%).
  • After  60 days on consignment, Consignee has the right  to continue to reduce the price at their sole discretion.
  • The sale price of any item sold  after 60 days will be divided with Consignee receiving 70% and Consignor 30%


What is Consignment? How does it work?

Consignment is the process of putting items for sale at a retail store and splitting the profits after they've sold. Since this is a secondhand store (in fact, Best in MIami; see News and Press), Las Tias offers items, on average, at 50% retail price. Your items will be beautifully displayed on the sales floor in suggestive arrangements and designs.

How are the prices of items determined?
Every item is unique. We strive to inform ourselves, as well as our customers, about designers, collections, vintage and modern furniture manufacturers to assure we find a happy medium between the value of your items and a great deal for our customers. We'll negotiate a sales price determined on retail price, condition and designer/brand. We suggest being flexible with the sale price of your items for quickest sales.

How do I get my pieces on consignment at Las Tias?

If you're interested in consigning items, please email us photos of the items as well as details about the designers or manufacturers of the pieces, period, retail price and how much you'd be interested in receiving for it. We will consider your pieces and contact you about our decision. Please remember we cannot accept any and all pieces, but only high quality, gently used vintage and designer furniture, decorative collectibles, lamps, clothes and accessories. PLEASE DO NOT BRING ITEMS TO THE STORE WITHOUT PRIOR APPROVAL.

Does Las Tias pick up items from my home?
No, we do not pick up any items from your location. After approval from Las Tias, items must be delivered to the store by the consignee or an arranged mover of your choice. If you don't have a reliable mover, one can be provided.